The history of Ca 'Bianca Hotel Corte del Naviglio ancient 17th-century villa on Navigli

Ancient villa, former summer residence of the Marquis Barona in the seventeenth century, located on the left bank of Naviglio Grande, built by Leonardo da Vinci, in the heart of old Milan. The Ca’ Bianca, contemplates a historic building, characterized by a loggia with Tuscan columns and a large restored farmhouse that houses the 51 rooms of Hotel Corte del Naviglio. Within the walls of the ancient residence of the Marquis Barona you discover the charming Corte summer. It is impossible not to be charmed by the warm and enveloping this space, unique, perfect for private and corporate events. Over the years, the Ca ‘Bianca was a showcase of artists who have written pages of history of cabaret, jazz and international music. Still the Ca’ Bianca hosts jazz concerts and comedian shows. Full of plane trees and flower beds, the garden of 2.000 square meters offers enchanting views. A romantic wooden gazebo that joins the two large tanks of an ancient fountain can make a setting for a cocktail at sunset. To emphasize the musical tradition of the place, three pianos, fully functional and with excellent sound quality, are available to customers in the various rooms. It is customary that in May the Ca ‘Bianca guests concerts of virtuous artists during the Piano City event (